Tutorial on Painting the helmet?


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Hey Folks,

Got my DP96 in the mail yesterday, and thankfully it fits quite well. :) While this isn't going to be the Fett Helmet I ultimately wind up using, I wanted to start out with the DP96 until I can afford the higher grade helmets.

With that being said... does anyone have any good links for tutorials on how exactly to paint he helmet?

Any help would be apprecaited :)

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obi sean kenobi

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Whats up man? Met you at Empire Fan Fest. I was the Jango there (I think you had a tusken rig on?).

I used to be a member of the NER, but have since moved out of NYC.

Shoot me a PM and I'll try to help out. I think Ed mentioned to me that you were thinking of doing a Boba.


Lynn TXP 0369

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slave1pilot wrote:

Lynn ,
Can you re-post some pics of your bucket in this thread?

Sure... Sorry it took sooo long...


Lynn TXP 0369

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DL44 Blaster wrote:

Lynn...please don't take this the wrong way,but I thought you used RS's colors for your Fett costume. ? . ?

I did on all the armor and MSH2 ESB bucket, just not the ROTJ bucket, that is my own.




FettTheHunter wrote:

Theres a good tutorial on that starwars helmet website.. by someone called steve the swede or something like that :)

That dude would be me.:)

Jez have put up both my Fett tutorials on he's site. The ROTJ helmet have been put to shame by all the new ones made after but I still stand behind the ESB one to a 100%!

The can both be find here: http://www.starwarshelmets.com/
Check under the link "Tutorials" and you'll find both of them.

I hope they help!