Topical Painting or Reveal Method?


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After I get the range-finder servo installed, I intend to start the bombad paint job. As I'm aware of the 'Ten-foot' rule of movie prop painting, how are you guys doing your paint job? I've always done the reveal method, but am thinking of doing the topical method this time, and taking a Scotchbrite pad to the finished piece.

Pros and Cons? I figure they both take about the same amount of work, but I'm going for the most accurate ROTJ scheme...
I haven't started on that part yet but I would assume that topical would be alot easier to do.
From seeing the MOM suit up close, Topical is how the "real" Boba armor is painted.

I painted mine topical like this, but for the jet pack I tried the other method, and painted the whole thing silver first, then the other colors (allowing good dry time), then scratched through them to get to the silver underneath. Then weathered the outside with drybrushing to blend it.

The only problem I had was the inside blue area of one side of my pack ripped too much blue off and it pulled a larger chunk of blue off then the ROTJ pack actually had. :(
The reveil method is difficult to recreate the "look" of the screen used suit. If you use a petrolium based silver paint with a water based colored paint over it, it will be very easy to scratch the paint off and expose the silver underneath, which gives a better look then masking off an area with tape or a liquid mask. Try a couple of methods and see which one gives you the best results before you begin to paint your armour.
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