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    Been working on a Rako Hardeen. All the hard pieces have been 3D designed by myself & printed through Shapeways. All the 3D printed parts were coated with Smooth On's XTC-3D, sanded, spot filled, sanded, primed, & painted or will be painted. Plan on doing all the sewing by modifying some patterns. I am pretty far along in the build at this point but will fill in up to where I am currently, so will be a long first post.
    RoguesGallery-SWI132_Rako_Hardeen.jpg 10339251_762951377077492_1195213616156298829_o.jpg
    Designed the helmet & created a pep file to get sizing prior to having it 3D printed. Went through 7 different revisions before getting it 3D printed.
    Pep build just to use as a template & sizing.
    20170318_110249.jpg 3D printed helmet. Was designed with internal bracing & attachment for hard hat suspension. Attachment method for the visor lens was also designed into the helmet.
    20180619_204425.jpg 20180619_204436.jpg 20180619_204723.jpg Helmet is in primer & ready for paint. Completed the painting of the rangefinder.
    20180715_192116.jpg 20180715_192704.jpg 20180715_192725.jpg 20180715_192756.jpg All the armor pieces & chest badge were 3D printed. All the armor pieces were designed with attachment methods in mind either strapping or snaps.
    20180619_204126.jpg 20180619_204154.jpg 20180619_204920.jpg
    View attachment 165996
    The parts that are grey/black/silver have been painted.
    20180715_193155.jpg 20180630_125206_HPs.jpg Thermal detonator .
    Chest badge. The buttons were printed in white & red, these were just clear coated. Plan on adding lights to the badge. Also designed the vest clips which will be sewn into the vest & have magnets for attachment for a faux attachment method.
    20180619_205046.jpg 20180619_205105.jpg 20180630_125355.jpg Sewing patterns to be used & modified.
    20180604_222846.jpg Pepping the 2 blasters, the Westar 35 & the other. I created a 3D model for each using that to create a pep file. The Westar 35 is in the final stages.
    Rako_Hardeen_Westar_35_3D Model.JPG Rako_Hardeen_2nd_Blaster.JPG Rako_Hardeen_Westar_35_Pep.jpg Rako_Hardeen_2nd_Blaster_Pep.JPG 20180604_222000.jpg 20180609_230624.jpg 20180609_230649.jpg 20180630_125014.jpg
    Catches up where things stand at this point.
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    Thank you, I tried to think of a lot of this up front in order to make assembly easier.

    Painted up the remainder of the armor plates; cod piece, shoulders, & knees.

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    Thank you guys. I am really liking how this is turning out.

    Helmet was based with a metallic silver & got the antique white painted. Used liquid latex masking to added the damage that I tried to get from reference photos.




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    Thank you.
    Thank you, I have been extremely happy with the 3D prints I have gotten from Shapeways. I am thoroughly impressed with their general nylon plastic, it is extremely durable.

    Added the yellow to the helmet.




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    Thank you. I like the lesser know characters, Jodo Kast was my last costume to complete, good for those time when I can't wear my Boba Fett.
    Mouth area painted. Now to dirty it up some with some washes to give it some proper weathering.
    Denim for the shirt & pants, faux suede & fur for the vest. Going to dye the pants with RIT Dye Martini Olive & Khaki Green. The vest will be Moon Mist. This will be my biggest challenge so far, sewing.

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    Thank you.
    Added some washes of brown & black to dirty the helmet up & put a matte clear on.




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