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My sister Heidi is due to have a baby soon and she's going to take a break making the vests until May. If you've ordered one it's being made and will be sent out within the next week. She's not taking any more orders and she'll be back in May '05 sometime. She is still making the spats and she sends her sincere thanks.

She should not be confused with Dianna, who makes the pouches and gloves, nor my brother Bret who makes the chest displays, (nor Mrs. TK409 who makes the neckseals :) ). Those are all still available.
Thank you guys.
Send the Dented Helmet's collaborative thanks and good luck to Heidi! She's done awesome work for a ton of us!

Speaking more about this family of fabricators you have Chris... its like a family business.... or sweat shop! :lol: Admit it you stand over them with your blaster poised for business if they stop early don'tcha? :lol:

Sorry to hi-jack... just had to be said.
Doh!!, just when I was getting ready to order one! :( Wish her luck!
One word for her... epideral :)
sounds like i got mine just in came last week and its if you'd just get Mrs. TK409 to quit eating and sleeping, i need a neck seal and an ESB cape....heh heh heh....j/k(about the eating and sleeping....not the neck seal and cape're whole family chris ! thats just sick ! What does your mum and dad do for the business!?!?!

I would like to see what your brother does ! new post !
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