TK-409 Armor Repainted *PICS*

Trooper TK409

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OK, as I was repainting the armor, I began to question the accuracy of the proportion of this armor. Can someone verify the measurements for me? Are the chest pieces either too small or proportionally off? (See ruler in photos) Or have I been staring at this too long?

Original paint job from the artist who made the fiberglass armor:

Photo I used for weathering reference:

My repaint/weathering included creating blast dents using a dremel tool. Originally, the dents were only simulated using paint effects. I used the common Spruce Green suggestion followed with some black misting and sponged-on craft paint. Whaddya think? Good or bad?



definately good. The sponging will help the overall look not be so cartoony. I don't see anything wrong with the size - you would have to wear it to see the proportions. Boba's collar guard is cut straight though... at least in the pictures I remember best.
Your new paint job looks very good, a big difference from the previous paint job. I think that size should not be of concern unless it's to big for you, you should look more into the shape of the armor rather than the size. I personaly think that the abdominal part of your chest armor looks to perfect, what I mean is that Boba fett's armor is not simetrical and is more round than straight.
Sweet job A+++ would defiantly work with this fett builder again.....(oops, sorry I guess I've been spending too much time on ebay) :D Super great work.

Trooper TK409 wrote:

Are the chest pieces either too small or proportionally off? (See ruler in photos) Or have I been staring at this too long?

Armor looks great!!]

Even If people had the exact measurements of the real Fett armor it still may even needed to be made smaller or larger so that look proportional to their own body.

The size either being too small or large can only be truley determined on you.... Some of the armor made out there is rougly the same sized, I have seen chest armor on people that looked like they were totally covered by it, others, it looked like they were wearing postage stamps.

I know some people that hade MB chest armor having to space it out further to make it look bigger once on them.

EXCELLENT paintjob, Chris!8) As for proportions, I would definitely heed what Lynn posted above -Your own body size pretty much will dictate how the armor will look on you, once it's attached to your vest. All in all, you most certainly have some good-looking armor there!:)
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