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Okay, so I'm spending every spare moment to finish my Jango. So I'm a couple years behind everyone, though I started in winter of 2003, slowly collecting, saving money. Now that I'm about finally done, I can't help but feel a little disappointed and plain tired. I still have the love, but the fatigue is setting in. Did anyone else experience this?

I'm also hurrying to modify my TK and my son's TK into TD's, my son will be wearing his to C3, and also I've yet to do the final touches on Greedo. I can say that I think this Greedo is just as good if not better than the movie version. My wife spent a lot of hours designing and sewing the jumpsuit with white stripes and also the orange vest.

Anyway, I just had to vent. Just have a couple more things to collect/build for Jango and I almost have all the armor done. I sewed all the velcro to the vest today. I'm no expert but I think I did okay. Guess I'll let you all judge in a couple of weeks when it's done.

Take a weekend off. No painting, no sewing, no fabrication. Go do something non-SW related with the wife and son. See a movie, bowl a game, whatever. Do something fun, that will let you put your mind in neutral for a little while. If you can't swing the whole weekend, make it one day. I tend to want to keep at something until I get it done. After awhile, I focus on what's going wrong instead of what's going right. The only thing that helps me is just to get away from it for awhile. Have a beer and put your feet up. You've earned a rest. :cheers
That's true. Plus my folks are visiting from out of town. As much as I need to get done, I also need a break. Guess I didn't realize I was beginning to burn out. I'll try to take a break, lol. I'm so used to working on something, I might get withdrawals.
I really feel your pain buddy. I've been working on my ESB for going on four years now, and I'm really getting sick of it. I worked on it nonstop for about 3 weeks last Halloween. Did too much rushing, messed a few things up, and basically burned myself out. I have been unable to bring myself to do anything since. Recently I'm starting to feel more excited about it with the Postmortem1 webly run, and Bobafettish doing the vest fabric run. But I often find myself wondering if I still have the same passion for this that I had when I started. The answer is somewhat yes...Although I think I'm doing ift for different reasons. I'm so far into it now, that I have finnsh it:lol: Annother thing that buggs me...Is what am I gonna do when I'm finnished with it:lol:
I get burnout every time I bust my behind to meet a deadline, or finish something for a con. Trust me, leave it alone for a couple weeks, and you'll be dying to get back to it.
Keep sight of your goal and you will be able to do it man!
I have been listed as insane already by a few people but on top of working on a Boba Fett ESB which I am about 60% done on, I am about 40% done on a Tuscan Raider. Now both are for C3 and I intend on finishing them by then.
I work full time Mon-Fri 9-5. I work out at the gym 4-5 days a week for about 1 1/2 hours and then pick up my twin sons from my Mother In Laws house. I am the vice president of a charitable organization which meets every wednesday from about 6PM-10PM. I have been working on a Vice Pres Dinner for the last couple months which will be held on April 2nd which I have managed to also double the dinner as a suprise party for my Wife and a friend who are both turning 30 around the same time. I am also making girth belts which take priority when they get here from the Mfg.
Spread thin?
Thinner then melted butter on a slice of toast on a rock sitting in the desert at high noon but I will not lose sight of my goals in getting these costumes done for C3.
I sleep from about 3AM - 7:30 and that is all I can afford to take.
So, keep your chin up. Toss some visine in those eyes and when your ready to throw in the towel, give yourself 5 more minutes of work time.
I believe in you man! If I can do it, anyone can!
I say pull up those boot straps, suck it up and get it done!!!! Heck yeah! No time for rest before C3, it is less than a month now. Plenty of time for resting afterwards!!! Go go go go!
Hang in there buddy . . Seriously . . . I have been there. You look out your suit, helmet, jet-pack or whatever and you get stressed out . . I know the feeling too.
If you can afford to, I say stay one weekend away from it. Step aside. I know CIII is a hop skip away . . . But to maybe alleviate some stress . . .That might be your solution. And then you can work on it the following week.

Best of luck my friend . . .

As one president said, "I feel your pain."
I am assembling a full suit of clone armor this weekend. I modded the helmet last Saturday, I made an Episode 3 ARC pauldron last night, I am building a DC-15 rifle tonight on a Cushman Paintball MG-34 receiver, some PVC tube, Balsa wood trimmed with Sintra, foam insulation filling - ooh, cream filled blaster - lil' bit of primer, silver, mustard and semi-glass black and poof...no prob. Then I am making some Sintra armor for some guy that asked me for some this morning...busy guy! Yoooo can Do IT! - Cajun Man ala Waterboy.
Juse eat your greens and take a deep breath. Go lie(sp?) down and just chill for a minuet. Put your favorite song on, and get back to work!!! I think most of us, if not all of us, have been there. Nice eBay score BTW!
:lol: well ive had a few "burnouts" aswell... gosh that sounds so ... no-lifer-like... I can now see myself at teh docs house... "well mr. Boer, whats wrong this time, first you come in here yelling at me about soemthing going wrong with an E-WEB, then it's the MITRINMON Z-6 and so on???!!!! WHATS IT THIS TIME?!"

well seriously, I was through when I had final rehearsals for a performance at my school, where id go up on stage in my suit, but it didnt go well...infact it sucked bad! worsed was, the suit broke down an several points during the final rehearsel, and when I got off stage, my jet pack harness broke, I was so through.... luckily my best femate was there to help out and be my exhaust for all the emotional stress (thnx Hil ;) )

LOL, I was so lookin forward to that performance and worked so hard to be at a certain point of finishment... and then the bloody nail to my coffin broke down!!! **** man, that sucked so bad!

But my parents were both like:"tommorow ur going to be on stage, and ull be done!! you ow it to ur friends and to the people who helped you create this thing, not to mention the time, money and effort you put in it yourself!"

so my mom and dad were both busy making the stuff that broke down (not me i was done for, just sat on a chair) but when my mom was done... yikes, it was better, stronger and more durable then ever before!!!

that was in february...

and now? Im into it again with the full 100%, just gettin the final pieces ready for may (well, final pieces that are achievable before may, i mean I want to redo all the armor, but thats something ill do...relaxed...after may)
nah just small things..set of shin tools, new wookiee braids... esb flametrhrower, the biggest thing ive done after the perormance and now must have been the new scratch build blaster...

anyways...my advice: stop if you feel like "OW NOH, HOW AM I EVER GOING TO GET DONE! I NEED TO DO THIS AND THAT AN I DONT KNOW HOW!!???"

thats when u've done 2 much of the same thing, quit.... and pick it up again after lets say... an hour :p (ow and in that hour, work on another part of the costume!!)
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