Hi, Im new and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how long it would take to make and complete a higher end quality Boba Fett costume.

Seeing as this is my first swing at this, and I have zero prior experince Id like some advice, Thanks! :)


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Hi, Im new and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how long it would take to make and complete a higher end quality Boba Fett costume.

Well, if you start now, there is a good chance you will be done around 2053.

Lol! It's kind of a running joke around here that nobody can actually call their Fett finished, as we all make subtle upgrades over time.

However, to save time, I suggest that you DO YOUR RESEARCH before you buy!!!! By doing that, you save yourself the time and money by not having to upgrading later!

It also depends a lot on your budget!

Good luck!

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If you have a few thousand ready at hand you might be able to get it done in 8 months to a year, depending on availability of quality pieces. My suggestion is to take your time and buy the good stuff the first time, or you'll end up with 2 of everything.


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If you're planning to paint and mod most of the costume yourself... I would think atleast a year or so. Some may do it faster, some slower.


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Have to agree with bobamatt1 on this topic too, because as you will see in this forum there are several variants to choose from. But the very first question you should ask yourself is, "How much I'm I willing to spend?" If you already have an Idea then go to each section for those items and ask yourself the second question, "Painted or Unpainted?" This alone will give you an idea of where you want to go. A Painted Helmet alone goes for $400.00 & Up as where an upainted helmet can cost $125.00 (that includes shipping) , Armor Pianted $400.00 & Up, unpainted $300 and so on... If this is still not within your price range then go to the Cargo Hold and buy a little at a time. With the great tuitionals here you can learn to paint your own pieces. But most important thing to remember is to "TAKE YOUR TIME." Good Luck and welcome Aboard. C


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I may not have any full suit of anything, but I will say that patience is key. I sometimes worry because Im afraid I may be rushing at something, and settle for something less. These things take alot of time to do, my Jango helmet took me 5 months. Now, Im trying to cram in making a whole suit from scratch, before June. Talk about a deadline!

Oh yea, stay away from Bloodsportstudios, and star fortress productions, they'll rip you off.



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Being relatively new myself, I have learned that patience is indeed the key. If you are doing a scratchbuilt armour or bucket TAKE your TIME. I have already ruined 3 helmets by trying to rush the job.....


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actually you can find a lot of nice things on e-bay.I sell my armor on e-bay and so do a lot of other members here.

Yeah, my comment was a little vague. There are, on occasion, a few nice things on eBay. Just stay away from Vitacast studios (Bloodsport) and just be weary of who you buy from...

that's what I ment.


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8 months?
6 months minimum?

I started mine with a 4 month deadline
I don't work on it daily, I don't even work on it every week
I just work on it when I can & when I have supplies (paint)
I'm hoping it'll be high end
Am I insane?