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I got my suit from The Prop Palace. I've went into detail before about the problems I ran into with the FIRST one, but they corrected the problems and my SECOND suit is awesome. Total cost including the vest, ankle spats, cape (blah), and cloth belt pouches: $150.00. Before you order one from them, contact me first so I can tell you how to avoid the problems I had the first time around.
It looks like they copied at least one of Katarra's inaccuracies.
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Being they are based in the Philippines, I doubt this is Katarra's pattern, but I could be wrong. What are you seeing that I need to fix, Lisa? :confused
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Boba Fett's jumpsuit only has one "flap" of material around the waistline. Katarra's jumpsuits came with three "flaps". I highly doubt that they exactly copied a jumpsuit from Katarra, just that they saw pics of the Katarra jumpsuits and copied at least some of the details on them, instead of copying the details on the original suits.

Removing two of these flaps is even talked about on the "fixing Katarra's jumpsuit" thread.

The shin pockets are also sewn in the way that Katarra sewed theirs, too. The pockets on the original suits do not have identical stitching details on them. I believe, though I could be misremembering Katarra's suit, that Katarra did sew theirs so that they were exactly the same on each side.

It does appear that they lengthened the hem of the shorter sleeve, though.

Don't get me wrong, I think the proppalace suit looks fine (better than a Dickies!). :) I just think it's funny that they probably did look at Katarra pics and copy those.
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Actually, the shin pockets came with three separate compartments in them. I had to unstitch one row of thread in each to accomodate my shin tools. Being the pleats in the waist will be covered by my vest and belts, I am not going to worry about fixing them. Thanks for the insight though. I have never seen Katarra's suit.
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Here is a pic of one of the preproduction suits:


Does the Prop palace suit have three stitches on the sleeves and the various rows of stiching on the underside of the sleeve?
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Four rows actually, if you count the one that is holding the sleeve closed at the top, then the three rows below it.
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Exactly. I was debating whether to count it as three or four. I went with three because it looks like three lines. But you are absolutely correct with four stiches.
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Good eye Lisafett! That was the first thing I noticed too! The second thing is that the short sleeve section of the suit is way too short just like on Katarra's suit. The short sleeve should reach all the way down to the elbow!
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Yeap you can see sleeve line up with the middle seam on the Chronicles pic.
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I saved pics of someone's Katarra suit, and the short sleeve appears to have been lengthened a little bit when compared to theirs. Right now, it looks about right for a pre-production suit. For ESB or ROTJ it would have to be about 3(?) inches longer than proppalace is making them.

Here is a pic of the Katarra suit's sleeve. Notice how close the stitching of the short sleeve is to the armpit. The pic of the proppalace suit is a little folder over there, but it looks to me like it is a good 2 inches longer than Katarra's.

As for the pre-pro being a shorter short sleeve than other versions, look at the Chronicles pic again. On one side, it looks to line up with the belly seam, but on the other side, it does not. I think it's just the way the suit is positioned in that pic. On the prepro Fett standup, you can see that the sleeve doesn't go down to the elbow, rather to about where it is on the proppalace jumpsuit.

If you need to see the standup again, go here

You know, I've thought about sewing these suits for people, since I can sew and have already made one suit. Thing is, I don't think I could stand it if I got anybody like me as a customer. :)
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The overlap on the sleeves in about two inches, and the bottom of the overlap is about two and a half inches above my elbow.
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BobaFettish, does yours have the blousing velcro straps attached to the bottom, as shown in Tylerdurden's Chronocles pic?
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Wow, talk about a delayed response from me. The answer is no, it does not have a blousing straps at the bottom nor does it have elastic stirrups. I added them myself. I also need to lower my thigh pockets a bit.
Prop Palace Suit

Any one have opinions on the prop palace boba fett jumpsuit? They quoted me $99. The pictures make the suit look really blue. Is it really that blue? Help
I too am curious about the actual color of that blue, anyone?

As far as quality, customer service, and accuracy you may use the 'search' feature located near the top of your dented helmet browser. Use keywords like:

Prop Palace
Peter Lawless

Those should call up most of the discussions. I know he's been discussed extensively lately,

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Their blue one is light blue (a little too blue for me, but might work if you are doing an ESB suit). Their grayish-green one is olive drab (military green). Learn from my mistake and avoid this color at all costs. They do have a decent pattern though. I ended up sending them my own fabric (five yards of it) and let them do the rest. If you are going this route, have them extend the short sleeves down to the elbow (I would measure this for them). Add several inches (two to four) to all of your body measurements so you have room to move, especially the chest, thighs, and biceps. You don't really need to add to the lengths of anything, just the diameters, but is is better to be too long and baggy than too short or tight (trust me). You will have to remove one row of stitching from each shin tool pocket to accomodate your tools, but it is better to do it yourself since it depends on who's tools you have. Overall I am happy with their workmanship. Shipping is about a month, longer if you send them your own fabric, so don't expect your suit in a couple of weeks. Part of the trip is via boat.

As far as their vest goes, it is okay. Not great, but okay. Their velcro placement is way off (ask them to send it and you'll sew it on yourself). I didn't like the way the neck piece is attached to the vest itself. It is a nice neckpiece, so I'd see if they would make it like a dickie for you (can't hurt to ask). Mine was also a little long, but again I would rather it be too long and have it shortened than the other way around. The fabric isn't too bad, although it is a little too shiney. You can always weather it down a bit.
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At $99 its almost better to buy it from Prop Palace than to make it out of two JC PENNY'S suits at $80. I think I have someone willing to sew the costume for me now though, so I guess it would be cheaper that way, and if there was any problems in sizing then it could be done right there instead of sending it back to the Philipines and waiting another month for it to be returned. I haven't priced it yet but the material cannot be that expensive. Any thoughts on this? Which would be the better way to go?
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The P.P. :angry Don't get me started.
You would be much better off to do it yourself.Either J.C.penny,or buy the fabric and go to town.Witch ever way you
choose,You should save time.Also chances are,you would have to taylor your suit from the P.P.
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I bought the 7 piece ensamble from PP. It's not that bad. I might have measured myslef wrong, but it's a little short in the crotch area. Gives me a slight wedgie. BobaFettish, does the suit shrink when you wash it? If it does, I'm not sure if it will fit me.
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