The Mandalorian Beskar Armor 3D Files and His Gloves


Hi there I was wondering if there was any chance of you doing files of his original armor, but with all the damaged filled in?
I do have the Chest, chapter 1 right shoulder and knee done, all without damage. Still need to do the left shoulder. Hopefully can do that tonight or this weekend. Here is the chest.

The Mandalorian Chest Armor from Chapter 1-3 and Death Watch 3D Model for 3D Print File Printing Mando Costume Prop Cosplay
I will be selling all the chapter one stuff as a pack once it’s done


Happy to share the initial run is in! They will start shipping Friday and Saturday. I have quite a few to pack up. Here is a photo of the finals. They fit fantastically.
With each glove i ship i will include a weathering guide which will give instructions to fade the leather and turn it orange if that is your preference. I feel these match the color very closely to the D23 pictures, they just need weathering.
About half the initial run is still available on etsy so if anyone was holding out waiting for them to arrive, they are in. and can be ordered here.



Samples are in, pictures below. I am happy to report that the samples came in from Factory A and they are up to my standards (which a very high). So I am comfortable moving forward with making a full run of these and taking preorders also skipping factory B.

Link to Etsy Listing

The only change to these will be the color of the yellow glove to be more yellow and less orange like the original. All seam lines, sewing types and leather types are accurate to the originals.
I did try to have them put velcro on the back, but i knew better than just to have them put it on. In my experience with glove suppliers, the velcro usually doesn't stick. So i asked this factory for a sample of velcro and it was bad, as in doesn't stick hardly at all. So i don't feel comfortable having that velcro sewn to the back. It won't be difficult for buyers to add velcro that has a adhesive back to the glove and the hand armor.
PLEASE NOTE they are fairly tight as they are supposed to fit like a driving glove as thats what they used for the yellow gloves in the screen used gloves. So if you are afraid of them being too tight, order a size up. They will be available in Medium, Large and Extra Large. Ill try to get a sizing chart or palm width chart made.

These should be ready 2.5 weeks from today.
With some added feedback I’ll be making three changes to these.
1) Shorten the black part of the thumb to match the originals.
2) remove the two seams on both sides of the cuff and replace with center palm seam.
3) small sizing issues will be corrected. Mostly the tightness of the palm and cuff. Finger length is perfect. Won’t affect delivery date.
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Any more gloves for sale?