The best way to bond Sintra?


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I am planning on making a giant At-At. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to bond the Sintra together. Say the best way to make a solid box for instance.

Thanks Guys

You need to spend some quality time with sintra if you want to bond with it. You can't expect a relationship to bloom overnight, and I right guys? Come on!
Sorry for my previous pointless post everyone, especially to Munkrawk to approached me in private about it. Some people need to learn to take a joke. Catch you all later.
The reason I approached you in private was to not make you pissy. I guess your public post defeats the purpose. I asked him to politely refrain from cluttering up a thread with pointless posts. It starts up new convesation that gets away from my question. This board is for questions about prop building. This kind of thing happens all the time and then people don't get an answer to their question.
Here's an answer to your question, don't say I never helped you out. For bonding Sintra to itself, the same solvent type adhesives that are used for rigid PVC's give excellent results. Oh and MUNKRAWK please do not approach me in private again.
Hey Donnie, I allready got my answer. I thought it would be more sensible to talk to you on the side. what is wrong with that? How's about you just don't post on my threads anymore and we won't have this problem.

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