Thanks Trash Can Armor guy.


My son says Thanks for the great idea, now he will be able to stroll into Ep III in style. (as long as dad gets it done in time)

Thats the best "dad im gonna get you for taking my picture" look ive seen in awhile lol :lol:

seriously it looks great man
Actually that is a still from a scene in ROTS that ended up on the cutting room floor...the one where Boba first tries to stare down Mace for killing Jango.
BrianTheSith said:
Bud light presents...........
Today we salute you, Mr. Trash-Can-Boba-Fett-Armor-Maker-Dude
(etc, etc, etc)

mr trash can boba fett armor maaakkeeeerrrr

With your amazing skills, you turn one mans waste container into a masterpiece child size mandalorian armor suit

such an unhappy kid, yeaaaahh

Why a garbage can? Because, where else can you find such cheap materials for an infant?

Cheap cheap cheappy cheap

So make your son proud dad's and mom's. Get a trash can now, so you too can make your son unhappy waiting in a line for 4 hours, just to see a movie.

Why parents did you tortureeeee meeee?

"So crack open a nice cold bud light, Mr. Trash-Can-Boba-Fett-Armor-Maker-Dude , and know that when we see you coming, we only feel sorry for your poor..... POOR kid"

No offense, this was just for fun. And it all came on the top of my head. Honestly, the suit is awesome and I wish I was so lucky as a kid. I am just taking "BrainTheSith's" post to the other level. =)

Josh L.
They did both. Real Men of Genius and Real American Hero's. Real men of genius is more popular. I believe when they first started airing the commercial they went with "Real American Hero's" and later changed it to "Real Men of Genius"
I wonder if any one has mandalorian templates for a hamster? :D ________________________if voted president all our tropes will be supplyed with mandalorian armor
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