I was wondering if anybody had some advice on how to fix a tear. My bucket has a few tears in the t visor by the ear pieces and I was thinking of just using some crazy glue to fix them and then sanding off any extra glue.

Does anybody have a different suggestion

I though I heard that crazy glue will ruin your visor. I think you would be better to replace the whole thing instead of trying to glue it. Is there a reason you do not want to replace it?

It's not the visor, it is the bucket it's self. It looks like that it was torn when the visor was removed before I recieved it.
I had to fix my 96 dp one time, it was cracked all the way up the cheek to the visor:( 2 part epoxy should do the trick, but use the kind that is designed for plastic...not the standard type. I think it is called "pastic weld system" and you can get it at walmart. the kind designed for plastic seems to adhere very well to the vynll, be very liberal on the inside of the bucket when you apply it. The stuff setts up very quick, but you will want to use C-clamps to hold the bucket in place while it cures. It worked very well for me, only problem is, it sands off kinda hard, so be ready to put some hours in sanding the outside smooth again:( Its better than a cracked bucket though;) hope that helps:)
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