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Hello Fett brothers. I wanted to share with you the latest progress on my Boba Fett costume. Work has slowed on the Jango and I really have few things to upgrade, so last year I started my Boba costume. The ESB suit is one of my favorite but the pre-production suit with the non-dent and with the eyes or ears high on the bucket has always been my real dream. and so it begins..... I have a few other parts for this costume that I will share as things get completed, but I wanted to get the cherry finished before I started on the shake.

This Helmet is a Movie Sized Glass bucket that I purchased off of Ruffkintoys a few years ago and it was painted with ROTJ colors and had a dent...that is all gone now and it even has a new more accurate metal rangefinder stalk and a better rangefinder, the Green T-visor has been replaced with a Black and one of my good buds Titan Fett hooked me up with a real borden connector. The Helmet was stripped and sanded down to it's base and totally repainted by one of the most talented helmet painters in the world Neal Tracey..thank you Neal you are a friend and your work will be the centerpiece of my collection for the rest of my life.

here is the Old ROTJ paint job

Here are the first progress shots

nearing completion

and here is the completed helmet..right off the pages of the Star Wars Chronicles. The pictures do not do it justice...it looks even better in person.
What a fantastic bucket, are you going for the whole pre-pro suit? If so theres a great picture on starwars.com showing pre-pro fett with his cape in a type of 'gunslinger' pose, nice work!!!!
Wow it looks amazing. Any chance the painter would tell us the colors he used on it?

On a side note that is what most people consider the pre-pro1 helmet, most don't count the white suit. Pre-pro 2 is the one that the standup is.
Predatormv said:
Wow it looks amazing. Any chance the painter would tell us the colors he used on it?

On a side note that is what most people consider the pre-pro1 helmet, most don't count the white suit. Pre-pro 2 is the one that the standup is.

Yes.. I guess It should be called Pre-Pro 1 Version #2 Because it is the 2nd change to the first color helmet before the Stand-up version Pre-Pro with the dent.

thanks for all the nice comments. I'll ask the painter about the colors he used. And yes I'm working on the full costume and I'm going to try to be as close to the Chronicles suit as I can possibly get. So far I have the Boots, Girth, belt, gloves, cape, braids, vest. I'm working on getting a better jumpsuit and trying to get a set of Fett Pride armor to paint...and I also am working on getting a better set of gauntlets.

The most dificult part I've been trying to locate is the Damm cape clip that secures it to the collar armor. Does anyone have any leads? That one part is going to kill me.
WOW:eek: ....nice(y) ......colors look great..

Can you post Bigger pics???....
I'm into painting techniques and stuff like that......so to see some high res stuff would be cool(y) .....oh,PLEASE..:p
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Nice Job, I had a lot of fun with painting my pre-pro up to.
Yours looks amazing, I think I need to go back and touch mine up.

Good Job!
Looks great, Tambo! I especially like how you did the back and "eyes".

My only suggestion would be to paint the keyslots white or a light primer gray instead yellow.
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Yea I love the way the "old" eyes look, the ones that were painted then removed, they look amazing on your bucket. You should be very happy with this helmet. This has been one of my favorite helmets in the series probally my #2 fav after the pre pro 2 helmet. Love it.
Back to work I go on this uniform, so I'm ready for action at C4. I scratch built some Shoulders and found the perfect color paint that photgraphs like the pics in the Chronicles. I did my best to match the little damage on the left armor and weathered. When this costume is done it will be a dream come true as it has always been my favorite version. I only wish I could find more reference pics.



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