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Well folks I was not happy with my armor, so with my friend Jon a SCA armor maker and fellow aircraft monkeywrench we completed the brand new Chest/collar and sleeve all made from thick Alluminum approx about as thick as a quarter. My Knee armor has also been reworked and I finally have my machined darts...(thanks for your help Chris) I think the armor is dead on and it took about 16 hours of shaping of the chest armor alone to get it right. I've also upgraded my Holsters and belt..it looks better but is not as practicle as my old one...I wish the poutches worked. New Reinone boots and blue gloves also.

The Jedi in the pic is my bud Ryan...who is also slowly starting a Jango costume.


Ok here are my progress pics starting from 3 years ago till today.

Version 1.0 blue/grey jumpsuit, Grey vest, Sintra armor, Fiberglass DP recast bucket, SF holster rig, Joe boxer boots and fiberglass Gauntlets. The only thing remaining from this suit is my Westars that are still the best I've ever seen.

Version 2.0 new Blue jump suit, new Vac Gauntlets and all metal armor made by me and help from my fiend Joe. My prize helmet a JD/GM one of a kind nickel plated fiberglass and a jet pack.

Version 3.0 New black vest, a few armor upgrades, Rienone boots

Version 4.0 All new Alluminum Chest armor hand made by my fiend Jon and myself, New leather holsters and ammo poutches, Machined Knee darts, blue leather gloves.

And I'm sure a few more things to come....but not many
Also the cool fight pic was created by a fiend Dave and features my 4.0 suit VS the clone wars Jedi knight (Ryan)


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Its cool that you kept a log of all the upgrades on your armor Tambo!!
You have come a long way, and each upgrade is looking awesome.
Your action pic with Ryan is freaking unbelievable.
Keep up the great work. Your an inspiration to us all.
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