T-visor question


i just bought a don post 96 (i know, it sucks) and i was wonderin what to do with the visor...of course i immidiately got rid of the first one and ive traced out the size the visor should be, but i was wondering...should i cut the plastic all around it and just get a much bigger piece and perhaps glue or tape it to the inside of the helmet, or leave it and glue or tape it to the outside area? please help T _ T
T _ T is an anime-ish face thingy lol like these: o . o o _ o x _ x xD :D T _ T @ . @ they are all just faces lol sorry for the confusion

also, how would i go about in cutting it? i dont want to dammage it anymore then it is, seeing as how it already has 3 tears and i had to stick it in the oven and shape it back because it was so bent i couldnt put it on...its pretty good now though
Thanks for the clarification on the smilies!:lol:lol::lol:

Anyway, I would use a ruler and an exacto knife, but you have to be careful and go slow while cutting it. After you have cut it, it may be a good idea to sand away any sharp edges that may remain.
oh and i was wondering what i should use as the actuall visor...because the window tint i looked at is basically a big sticker...and i cant find anything like thin-transparent plastic to stick it on...what did everyone here use for visors?
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