T-track/blaster fins Tutorial (if anyone's interested)


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I have been studying on the t-tracks for a while and was sure that I had seen things like them a dozen times before. I think I read on the RPF that some guy had found some driveway reflectors that the stems could be used as the t-tracks. I looked everywhere for ones like them, but to no avail.

I had started recently reworking a blaster and I was thinking heavily about how to do these without having to order them online, so here goes...

I have had in my hobby tools for a while a clay gun. This is a tool that comes with a bunch of disks that you can load into it and use the plunger to push the clay through the precut shape in the disk (Much like the Play-Doh Fun Factory:cry fond memories)

I cut a new disk for it out of 26 gauge plate steel that I had here at the homestead...

In retrospect, the next steps would have been easier had I not cut out the circle first, but oh well. Hindsight is 20/20, after all.
Next I took the disk and designed my pattern on it...

Then I used packaging tape to tape it down on a piece of scrap wood...

This made it easier for the next step. I used the drill press and several small Dremel drill bits to get most of the material out of it...


Then I used needle files to clean out the rest up to my lines...


I placed the disk in the clay gun did a test "shot". Took the disk back out and cleaned up a few small burrs that I hadn't noticed, put it back in and it worked great!!
I used Sculpey (oven-bake clay) and made a few pieces. I cut up a few pieces to see how they would look when applied. I was able to use Super-Glue to attach them. Here is a pic of the test fit...

Well there it is...This board has given me so much already I was hoping that somebody could use this in return. Thanks for viewing!
That is truly brilliant!!! I have been using that plunger for years for shaping Sculpey and it never occurred to me to make my own dies!?!?! Doh!

Thank you for sharing now off to the shop I go!


P.S. I was the one with the drive way reflectors. Big Lots has them at the moment. I keep buying them when ever I see them.
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Just thought I'd show a pic of the finned blaster barrel. This process is really probably best for a static display (like I am doing) or for a static display blaster, as I can not vouch for the strength of the Sculpey during heavy use.

Thanks for the comments, everybody. Especially to WoF (whose templates I have partaken of heavily!)

EDIT: My 100th post! Yay Me!!
That is beautiful piece of work!! I don't know how tough Sculpey is, but if your leery of trooping with it would make a great master if you ever wanted to make a mold and cast some copies.

Thank you again for sharing a fantastic idea.


P.S. I have copied this into my reference files for future use!
Now that is a brilliant idea. . . it's amazing how someone comes up with something like that and others go "that's such a simple idea!"
(y) (y) (y)
That's cool, it's always nice to see a different approach. Thanks for sharing it with us. Look forward to seeing the finished article.

Thats a great idea you have there , i was going to have a go at making some t-track , do you have the dimensions you used or plans at all ?

thanks in advance
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