Stormtrooper armor Pepakura

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes' started by dung0beetle, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. dung0beetle

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    Original model created by JJ Palomo(?) Found on Sci-Fi, edited for pepakura by me.
    The parts are not unfolded yet, but I will post links when they do get scaled and unfolded. I will also post a .pdf of the unfolded parts when they are unfolded since Pepakura isn't Mac compatible.

    Go here to download the Pepakura software to view the models.
  2. Geo

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  3. aron42486

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    Very wicked. Keep it up, it looks truly amazing
  4. Tankboy

    Tankboy Jr Member

    Very nice model here... one thing for builders, change the fold threshold to about 165 or so... makes it smoother.
  5. Ravenz07

    Ravenz07 New Member

    looks good!
  6. maverickita

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    could you post new links for the pepakura files?we want to do the venice carnival...
  7. shef

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    I think Dungbeetle pulled his files down, but Fierfek over at theRPF has some nice ST pep files available here: Fierfek's Star Wars pepakura file development
  8. KamikazePigeon

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    When are those "Unfolded Links" coming?
  9. CarlosLermont

    CarlosLermont New Member

    Hi, your links are invalids.. when can you please upload them?

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