Starwars fancy dress party photos


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Hi yah,

we had the party a while ago now (1st October) I just hand had a chance to put the photos up. We had a variety of costumes ranging from a great Owen Lars to a Jedi who had odviuosly fallen into some bad times...he even had to make his robes from an old bed sheet :lol: ..i was upset that there were no ewoks tho :lol:

Sorry that the pictures are a bit poo :moon but I made them smaller in paint, if anyone can tell me how else to do it..please do :confused :cheers (y)

anyway enjoy...


Cameron Jedi11.jpg

Sanperson wanting a profession change.JPG


Tusken raider.JPG

Stormtrooper and jedi1.JPG

Boba unmasked.JPG

cutting the cake.JPG

boba and jedi.JPG

Owen and Boba ahhhh.JPG

Boba and sandperson.JPG

Oh my God look out......JPG

Just as fun without the danger.JPG


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Glad to see it went good Zoe! Theres some great costumes there! I love the tusken! (?), looks like you got some quality Jedi/Sith in there aswel!

Congrats, and good luck at Uni 8)



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It's alright, I even heard Master Yoda smokes it from time to time. How do you think he passed time on Dagobah. :wacko