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I've been wanting to add some spikes to a few choice locations on my customs armor but I'm not really finding any that fit my idea. Nor am I having much luck in creating a set myself out of wood. It's fairly irritating to be honest...I know I can make some from wood, but I'd hoped I could find some in a leathercraft shop somewhere that'd carry exactly what I want which I could drill a hole and bolt them down-which is about 6 to 12 two inch tall for the first 6 spikes and a 3 and a half inch tall more slender spikes for the final 6 spikes. Anyone have a simple and light weight suggestion-and also price conscious. I wish I could afford someone grinding down an aluminum set, but alas I'm but a poor wretch...:lol: Thoughts oh creative ones?

Hmmmm...spikes...I know your building something new Mr. Syntir, where's your mando's concept pics? lol, its as if your building it in secrecy...Just messin with ya:lol:

My concept pics? They're all locked up in my head and change frequently it seems. I've gotten a whole lot of inspiration from the last few Knights of the Old Republic comics where the Old Republic is at war with the Mandalorians. What I noticed was that they had no specific "uniform", and were absolute individualists, wearing as varying and different armor as there are Mandalorians. So I'm mixing Boba and Jango armor to see where that takes me. I'm sure my vision will change again, probably before the end of the day...:lol:

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