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My site will be down until I can recreate the site from scratch, we can't afford to keep up everything on the old ISP and their hosting. It's too expensive. So, if you want to read up on everything, there will be one week before the cable company shuts us off. In the mean time, I will try my best to recreate my new site. So anyone wanting to understand stuff from the fabric search please read up before my site gets pitched.
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Depending on what kind of Computer system you have (PC or Mac) you can save the site for viewing Offline, that way you don't have to recreate everything from scratch!

Also around what price were you paying for monthly/yearly Hosting service?
When you save your site to view Offline it will save Animations, Images, and the HTML language the site is created and formatted with so that's all you have to do for now to save it.
Depending on what kind of Computer system you have (PC or Mac) you can save the site for viewing Offline, that way you don't have to recreate everything from scratch!

Also around what price were you paying for monthly/yearly Hosting service?

Well, I got a new comp (imac) switched from pc AND I got a new ISP - I went from Comcast cable to verizon fios. Comcast was like 62.50 a month plus basic cable tv, no scifi etc. Verizon was $45 for fios which is faster service. It will drop down to $35.00 and we will be able to get fiberoptic cable tv WITH channels for another $30.00. I still have as my domain on 1and1, and they give me webspace too at $7.00/yr. The problem is that most of the stuff that is hosted on comcast was written so that all the hyperlinks would direct to pics hosted on comcast or, another site and had microsoft extentions. So, I have links going everywhere. I thought about republishing the old site to my other webspace, but there are index file problems. The incompatibilities stink. I am not as good with html and the imac makes simpletons like me absolutely have to rely on their wysiwyg iweb without and easy way to alter the html. Another thing is that .mac accounts make you pay for things that are free from other companies. I heard gmail will give you 2gigs of free webspace. I have to get used to all these new programs too, like transmit, iphoto, iweb etc... Sigh, I am trying to cram it in all this weekend. I have 1/4 of my site created on iweb. Let's hope that it publishes ok. I can't use meta tags or nuthin! SUCKS...
Yeah... it does stink about the meta-data ... but if you're careful how you name your photos, that should help search engines anyway!

Did you save all the images from your other sites? (right click download to disk?) You should also be able to save any page as a PDF file for reference later...

There are lots of hosting companies out there that are good and inexpensive many of which provide you with site templates and setup - if you want to go that route.
yeah, iweb won't let you have counters in there without a .mac account either. What a load of poop. AND you can't easily phanagle the html. I already set up 13 pages with the iweb templates. I am going to have to find another way to fool with the html, cause I will NOT be limited! :LOL
Yeah... well you gotta pay one way or another IMHO...

Though free & easy & disposable email addies have their place too! ;)
I have hosting companies that I want to stay with, that's not really the problem (my isp provides webspace hosting in the package). I just can't pay for two ISP packages just to provide zam references for free - is my problem. I just switched ISP's and comcast is what I had my site on. But I had to keep both isp's $62.00 +$45.00 a month :eek: (just to keep up the site so people wouldn't question me to death about zam xyz) until I could safely download all the info i put up. I am doing last minute downloads of my site files, onto my new computer, but because of all the replacing I have to do with html code, it's better to start over, because my site is kinda crappy and needs to get revamped anyway. It won't be a drastic change, mebbe a little better, but I've always needed to sharpen my photoshop, html, dreamweaver site building skills anyway. Sorry that all of you won't have much referencing at the end of this week, but rest assured, the new site will probably answer more of your questions. I just need to finish building it, I am on pg 13. (prolly 27 or more to go...) sigh... Krikey, half of the rest of the zam pic links on the TDH will go dead. UGH! Sorry...
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Hi guys, like I said comcast was going to shut me off, so I did the best I could to revamp my site in a week. I still have tons more to do, and sorry for all the neoprene people I have yet to remake that page as to what you guys will be getting etc and what it looks like. But, post what you think about my site so far, I still have tons of fixing on the site to do, but I have yet to put my counter in, etc. Lots of werkie werkie. I uploaded what I have so far. Enjoy!
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