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Sorry if this was posted once upon a time. I was watching ROTJ on cable today and noticed something. Now in the SE of ANH we know that he had the ROTJ armor with the ESB helm. Now something I just noticed in the SE of ROTJ, in Jabbas palace where he chin checked the one dancer, he had the same setup. ESB helm with his ROTJ. Now, I know that no one would really notice this other than the TDH members lol! But you go from the one scene where it does a random shot of him when the dancers are dancing. Than cuts to the scene with him in the corner with the dancers, than back to the "reverse" frame after Boushh pulls the thermal detonater. By "reverse" I mean where they flipped the frame and you can clearly see it flipped because of the RF on the left side of helm. Either way, just thought I'd mention my finding.


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They did that with Darth Vader in ESB. You'd almost not notice it because they only did the face shot and you wouldn't be able to see the reflected breathing box, but those of us who are area of Vader's jaw droop to the right and his paint scheme could see it was mirror-flipped.

I believe film editors sometimes do that to allow for continuity for the way the eye tracks a character on the screen.


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ANH SE = RotJ Fett Helmet and Suit
ROTJ SE = ESB Fett Helmet RotJ Suit + Damaged JP

I believe the reason they flipped the scene in RotJ had to do with where Fett was supposed to be standing with respect to Boussh. If they had left it in as it was filmed it wouldn't have looked like she was looking at Fett. Kinda like the flipped scene in TPM when Padme is cleaning R2D2 and talking to JarJar. The last shot where she smiles at him had to be reversed because of Jar Jar's placement in the shot and it wouldn't have looked like she was looking at him if it had been left unaltered.