Some pics of my harness


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Well thats interesting. Are those rivits on the side under your armpits on the strap thing going around?
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-The straps in the front of the harnest helps keep my codpiece from sagging.-

I'm guessing that.
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That is a great idea to bad I cant do that, the straps would show since there is a gap between the girth and the vest.
I've seen Turo's harness in person and as simple as it is, it works great. I have to have some lower stabilization on my harness to keep the jet pack from swaying when I walk. Turo, do you have Velcro on the back of your back armor and jet pack to keep the two in place?
No velcro. For some reason my jet pack lays very well on my back armor. I used use a couple of velcro parts back then, but ever since i have these new MLC jet packs i dont need it.
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