Solo Jetpack Rig

Yup, i have to leave more slack in the back straps out of the back of the vest so i can get them through the slots in the back plate myself... but i can get fully geared up myself with it
Ive done this with a fancy contraption too... the couch. People laugh when I say this, but I'm flexible and can reach back and clip in and such. Adjusting your straps with the vest on might be tough. That's the only issue for some less flexible people and getting the JP on and off I think.
Yup. with the vest on it definitely takes a lil contorting, as you have to reach up under your vest one arm at a time and pull one side's strap, then pull that arm out, and pull the other strap with your other arm up inside the vest.

Takes some wiggling and you look like houdini escaping from a strait jacket for a minute lol... but it’s doable with everything on.
Cargo hold, the thread “quality jetpack harness kit”
It’s actually really comfortable.

Thank you found it now, Sorry iam new look here first all^^
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