So ive gone on a Fett buying spree.


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Well, in my excitment to complete by ROTJ fett ive ordered quite a few neat things that hopefully i can share pics of when they come together soon!

Among them are:

-Custom Fett Armor set from ebay (which i am going to do a little misting / weathering to, per tk409's suggestions to make it look more authentic.)

-Bobamaker flightsuit and flak jacket (buying from thksdad)

-ruffkins toy gauntlet kit (progress pics will come!)

-tk409 hip pouches and ROTJ cape

-Rimshot ROTJ belt

oddly enough none of this stuff has arrived yet ;) , but i guess waiting is the hardest part. I'll make sure to post progress pics of the gauntlets in this forum as they are coming as a fresh kit, should be fun!

I think ive taken a big chunk out of my fett costume, there are still some major parts i need, mainly boots and a helmet, and other smaller things, shin tools, wookie braids. Im just excited to have so many presents coming in the mail for me .
Nice job. I did the same for a while and now I'm in a spending freeze. I have enough stuff that needs work to keep me busy a while so my checkbook can have time to cool down.
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yea, i think ive hit my buying limit for a gonna make all of the stuff i got as good as i can, and then move on to finish my fett.
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