So Far.....So Good? Pics Inside. I Need Opinions

Eht Eno

Tell me what you thinking.Be contructive please. Hints are welcomed most.

Well The flash took out most of the weathering. But your opinions are needed. Gonna work on the helmet now. Also going to custom some gauntlets. Maybe.

Also looking for Lisafett JP Tutorial. PM if you can help.

krillindb wrote:

Dude i love the fist on the shoulder bell! It kicks some serious butt. What's your suit's colorscheme?

Chrome Aluminun. Green or Maroon T. Green Or Maroon Jumpsuit.

The Fist on the shoulder bell idea was Bh-7603. I bother him enuff I guess he got fed up and decided to help me. LOL Thanks JZ.

The Banthas Skull I got lucky with jsut printed it in different sie. Line it up with the bell template until I like one particular size. Then it was paint on with accent paint from rostoleum.

More Pics To Come. Waiting for helmets to come in. I ordered two so I can mess around for schemes.

I will update soon. Need more damage on armor. Still working on that.
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