Slades Helmet


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Hi i'm thinking now i need a helmet, for my custom suit Mandalorian suit. Well heres my idea.

Color Scheme:

. visor around T shape - Green
. Cheeks of helmet - Black
. ID Scanner - Black
. Helmet - Silver

Hmmmm but i still need a little help like should i buy a welders mask and Make a T shape visor so my visor is good to go. Once its done with the visor it should be like: No one see's in but i can see out. But what kind of Exto knife should i use?

Ok since i live in canada manitoba i need to get what i can. I am looking for a helmet and i stumbled over a find. I found a Jango Fett Rubies helmet on sale in canada on a site selling stuff. Well anyway..... Once i get the helmet i'm going to either use Rub and Buff OR i'll probably use the good old fashion Silver Spraypaint i got. But i'm thinking rub and buff. But one problem i don't think its around here maybe but were can i find this stuff.

Once my helmet is all repainted, then on to the visor. First i remove the visor then put in a T shaped visor in, from a Welders mask.

Then when the helmet is all done with the paint job on to the Weathering. My helmet is going to have a scar right across the face of my helmet from the top left of my helmet to the bottom right of the helmet.

This will be clear after i explain my story line for my characters suit i thought up. Basically during the war against the jedi. Slade got slashed right across the face by a jedi. The lightsaber went threw the mask and singed his face his helmet was later on weilded back together. Now a scar is accross Slades helmet and face. Forever warrior Slade.

Theirs my story but i wrote it not to long ago but its just some of my story just telling the orgin of my helmet. Plus it will let you know why i want it with a scar on it.

Thanks i liked the scar idea too.