Skull Decal Trick. Method will work on all Decals & Marks

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I read a post here concerning the Skull Decal Fett has on his Armor.
I know a very logical way to solve this.

I dont know if this image is an exact replica of the one on his shoulder. Or from what film but the poster seemed to indicate that it was an archived prop image of the official Mandelorian symbol used on the shoulder pad. It looks alot like the Jedi version. At any rate...

*Update* I forgot to flip the image around. You must flip any image around because the ink is printed on the top of the Transparency cell. That way when it placed over something it right side up.

Link remains the same image is changed...

*Update* made a red decal to go with Empire version... Here you go..

Lil John: Yeah!! Yeah!!! Yeah!!!!-

Yoda: You tell em Lil John :)

Lil John: What?!?!?

Yoda: I said you tell em...

Lil John: What?!?!?

Yoda: You tell em!!!!

Lil John: OK!

*Update if you want to do this trick you have to make the background in the image white. R-0'G-0'B-0 white.... Your printer will not print this value so it will essentially be missing on the cell...

Sorry for the 3 additions to this post.

I happen to like this trick allot.

You can put images on your car doing this and do the same to masks, silicones, so on and so on. It's a neat little trick. The ink takes a long, long time to dry on plastic surfaces. It will never dry up on the transparency cell. So you always need to seal it off and if its not opauge enough then you just seal it in CC and then you just color over the faint colors with theyre same value in acrillic paints. EZ PEZ E.

That's why you should always reduce your image to a gif file consisting of 256 color drop. That way you know what all colors you need to buy as paints.

Also again can't stress it cause I forgot it. Reverse the image before printing it. So it comes out right side up..

????**Also why was this message deleted**????

It's a hell of a trick!!! Let these good folks knowledge up. If it was moved and not deleted then man... Am I paranoid... If it was deleted and is gonna be deleted again. Can I get a private message as to why??? Mmmmmm.... (OK it was moved damn I'm one paranoid cat!) Newbee Effect, but I do know Tyler and bounty so. atleast I got some street cread...

So I took the picture the person had of the possible real decal and I used Paint Shop Pro to optimize and correct it.

I would have added this "How To Decal Guide" in that Thread. The only problem is I cant, because I cant find it... So Thanks too the guy for the image of the Skull.

Heres the low down on how to do this decal trick.

One save this image as a GIF file. No need to save as a JPEG or BMP. As it's already optimized as a GIF file.

Go to a hobby store and find metallic paints or marker colors that match the colors of tiles shown in the image. If you cant get metallic paints then just try to match the color. Theres a trick to making your own metal paint futher down. Also you can use Paint Shop Pro's dropper to find the RGB levels of each color used in the pattern to help aid in finding or making the correct colored paints. Also buy a small can of Crystal Clear spray paint

Here hoping that you have a fairly good ink or laser jet printer. If you do the read on...

Go out to your nearest Office Depot, or Staples and ask for A package of "Overhead Transparency Sheets." These are the same sheets used to place messages on wall in schools in science class using that light projector thing.

Now using regular paper as your guide adjust the printing size settings of this image until you have it correct. Once this is done your ready to party!

Put a piece of the transparency paper into the printer and print this image out. As soon as it's done run as quickly as you can to your armor. Now gently place the symbol over the area and rub it on. Remove the transparency sheet and ta da!!! Theres the Mandelorian image staring right back at you as perfect as the image used.

If you painted the white off white rectangled on your shoulder the image will appear to be very vivid and sharp over that area. It may be slightly faint over the yellow areas of the armor- White backgrounds make this decal method the most opauge. Now spray down a light coat of Crystal Clear over it and allow it to dry. Once this is done all you have to do is take out your paints and match the colors. Mixing the paint with metallic silver colored magic markers will help you to get the metal effects in greens and browns that are hard to find as metallic colors.

I worked real hard on making this a nice clean, crisp, sharp clear pic. I lost the original thread this was posted in, but here you go. You can also do this with the decals on the helmet and so forth. If you do Friday the 13th masks this is a great way to make the arrows perfect every time.

Sounds like a neat trick, but I dont think I understand. Do I just place the fresh overhead on the armor or do I also have to color over it with the paint?
Well it depends. I mean yeah you just lay the inked side down over the area of the armor you want to do this trick to. Then if its not vivid enough. Seal it and paint on top of it.

The whiter the background on what its layed onto the more opauge the or darker the image will be. The shoulder is yellow. So I dont know if your will need to seal it and paint up a few areas. Just try it. You will know imediatedly. If it's no good wash it off and try again. If its good and not dark enough seal it, and paint over it like tracing. If its good right after dropping it down just seal it in crystal clear. It's so much more easier than it sounds.
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