Kal Skirata Skirata for me


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I plan to do his armor based on the RC TZ book.
Hes known as buir to many shiny boys in the GAR.
If you haven't read either of the RC books yet by Karen Traviss then your missing ALOT on Mandalorians.

Deece ready,
oya mando'a!


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I havent read them yet... I am working my way there - I am in the middle of another book at the moment...

I would also like to see picts once you have some!


Too cool. I love the RC books, and the game. Scorch is my fav. Skirata is definitely the father figure to his "boys".



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Thanks for the link Wookiegunner!
I like it but there are some more details to be added for accuracy IMO.
Very cool!
Anyone doing a Hokan suit?


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I like Darman, Niner, Atin and Fi's squad. I don't know if this is true or not, yet I think Hokan has a red helmet with purple trim.

Kile Hannad

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there's a pic of Skirata's armor in the new SW Insider(#87)....it looks pretty cool...............granted it's just from the chest up
Oya! ner vod!..............


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I'd love to see a Skirata! That would be awesome. Any progress on the suit yet?

And anyone have a link or something to this picture? I've only seen the one where he's wearing his leather jacket.


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I went to the store today, looked through the SW Insider, and saw that pic of Skirata in armor. Awesome! Now I definatly can't wait to see progress on this!


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WOW! That's a cool paintjob!