Sithlord23 ESB Gauntlets & Jet Pack finished!! Lotsa pics!!


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Sithlord23 ESB Gaunts & Jetpack finished!! Lotsa pics!!

Hey all, here is my jet pack and gauntlets finished up.. As for the gauntlets let me just start by saying that Man of War studios did these fiberglass gauntlets, and they are one of the coolest things I've ever seen & or have had. He did an amazing job on these. He not only built them, he painted them himself, and the paintjob was perfect! And they are very durable too! He was great to deal with, awesome communication, and super cool! Seriously thanks again man!(end plug;) )
The jet pack was painted by me, using the mustard method, and I think I finally got the color semi right.(I hope!).. I finally getting some work done on this ESB Fett...and man is it ever a process(harder than my ROTJ was:eek: )
Colors might be washed out a little bit from the flash...

On with the pics, please comments, suggestion, opinions always welcome! Thanks!













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Very nice looking but I think you are missing the yellow color from the top of your jet pack tanks. The rest looks great. Can't wait to see it all finnished.
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I am missing that color, I actually just saw that thread:lol: thanks for the heads up though!
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Everything looks fantastic! Only one other tidbit I noticed and that is the top wire on your flamethrower should be white.

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Heck Yeah!!!! Great looking stuff there! What color did you use for the JP? Looks spot on! Well done.
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man your on FIRE!!

what colors did you use for the jet pack and guants? it looks dead on.
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SEEKER & Jango's Kid, I'll look at the paint colors when I get home tonight, I basically kinda mixed 3 different colors, and a little black mist. But I'll list the paint color and brand later!:)
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Hey all, paint colors I used were American Accents Moss green for the main color. American Accents Leafy green kinda misting with. mist with Krylon Flat Primer, for that grayish green color overall. And flat black misting. Oh and a little misting with Spruce green... With sanding each layer down a little. And I just played with that formula a little bit, till I find the best shade I could. Hope that helps!:)
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Oh, and Man of Wars Studios painted the gauntlets, but he told me he used similar colors as the ones I used, so it shoulld be about the same. Hope that also helps!:)
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Bigaboy- those hinges are from ManofWar Studios, he assembled them and everything, before sending them to me. Again ManofWar, if you read this, thanks so much again man! Great guy to deal with.:cheers

but Bigaboy, I'll try to find out where he got em at
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