Sintra VS metal the debate


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Hello all

Im new around here and like many of you i am in the starting phases of my first set of armour. There seems to be 2 real accepted materials to use which is sintra plastic or sheet metal. I was wondering what you all think is better? pros and cons that your experience has provided.

Thank you for the help

Metal has a lot of good things going for it. You can put in real battle damage and other nice stuff. In fact, the very first set of armor I ever made was dremmelled out of a 5 gallon paint can. Nice and strong but not too heavy.

That being said, here's why I recommend sintra over metal:

1) thickness - 1/8" sheet metal would be damn heavy where as 1/8" sintra gives the armor a nice thick look while still being light and easy to shape.

2) ease of use - anyone with a cheap wood cutting surface and a safety knife can cut sintra without a lot of grief. To cut or mold metal, you'll need more "firepower" and create more of a mess.

3) SAFETY!!! - this is a big one. Fall down in full metal Fett armor and you are risking your life. While the back armor and the collar plates look great, they are in reality very dangerous in a fall. Sintra has a fair bit of flex to it and has a pretty low "cut your damned head off" factor. ;)

Metal armor would be cool as hell but give me sintra any day.
Ya, I have had all three and glass I like the most. I had aluminum armor and it was pretty light, but hard to get paint to stick to it. sintra material, well I couldnt get it to do what I wanted that that was look right.

I plan to build a jet pack from sintra though.
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