Sintra in Oregon


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Getting ready to buy some sintra for the armour now and am in sort of a jam. Parents dont really want me even making the costume (they think its something for retards and children), so I am trying to stay in theri good graces by saving cash and not ordering online, so I am wondering if there are any oregonians here who might know where a sintra supplier near the portland area is.

Id buy from us plastics, but with shipping its 50 bucks, and thats quite a bit of time busssing tables :p Anywhere else I can go online for cheaper?


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Up until recently I'd been buying all of my plastics from an industrial plastics shop. I was paying about $70.00 Canadian for a sheet of 4'X 8' sintra. I started looking around for an alternate source and found that one of the local sign shops were bringing in sintra and styrene. The price fell to $25.00 per sheet +$14.00 for next day delivery. This saved me 2 hours worth of driving to pick the stuff up myself. My advise is to call around some sign shops and ask if they'll sell you a sheet and you might get a good deal.

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GE Polymershapes
6212 NE 78th Court, #C
Portland, OR 97218
Phone: 503-255-5288
Fax: 503-255-5256

I buy my sintra from them (their store in Calgary of course). They rock.

BTW, I recommend 3mm white. It's sturdy but seems easier to cut.


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after looking around the site I am a bit confused. not sure exactly how much sintra I am going to need or what thickness etc.

Would two 24"x48" .120" thick sheets of sintra be enough? I am making a custom mandolorian so ill need anough for a jango I suppose.

Like I said, my parents dont really want me to make this, so if I screw up a sintra order or buy to much, or too little. They might shut this lil project down :/