Silly questions & comments...

Rod here,

After reading Brak's Buddy's keyslot detail find (which really is AMAZING - jeez, maybe he could help Mr. Lucas find some good direction this time - o.k., loooow blow, but really, maybe BB can help me find MY sanity after seeing Ep1), I have the following silly questions:

Where are all the original prop builders?

Did everyone sign non-disclosure contracts?

Jeremy Bulloch is so friendly & helps our community, but what about all the people that built the suits & how come we can't have someone say "yeah, the dome of the Fett helmet was cast from a German fireman helmet, or yeah, I think we used a dental expander for the greeblie...".

I was a subscriber to Insider mag until I saw Ep1 & don't remember seeing anything detailed like what we need.

I also don't understand why the marketing machine has to be so frickin' greedy & controlling (I know, an oxymoron). I mean, we chase these suits around the world w/ cameras (can't wait to see some Japanese pics by the way). U'd think as a sign of appreciation to die-hard fans that u'd let a rep of us get a supervised hands on.

Of course, if they did that then they'd prob want $50 a cd (after confiscating the taker's pics & having him/her sign a non-disclosure contract) available exclusively to Insider subscribers AFTER redeeming 200 proof-of-purchase points from Episode 1 toys & getting in line now for tickets for Ep3...

Just some silly q's & my 2 cents...
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