Sideshow Collectibles 1:1 HIC


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Sideshow released a new prototype HIC at Comic Con this year. Philip
Wise did the panels for this display and they are incredible. I had the
opportunity to see him work on these for months. The level of accuracy is truly awesome. I also wanted to thank Philip for letting me help paint the Hero panel.



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Nice. Great work :) Heard it was going to have a defrost cycle ? Like the new ss primeim HIC . Where Han glow red ?
They give a cost yet ?
Sideshow hasnt said anything about how much the HIC or lifesize boba will run, but I would guess around $6000 for each. Their legendary scale stuff is close to $2000 and that is around half scale. I have to say that their new Dr. Doom will be worth the money. Check it out on YouTube, the detail is insane.
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