Side (cloth) pouch dimensions?

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Originally posted by My Only Fettish:

You know, I wish someone would have asked that question about two days ago! I just--and I mean just--finished putting the finishing touches on the cloth side pouches. The dimensions I got off of the Build Your Own Boba Fett web site just seemed way too small when I started looking at them, so I modified them. My final product is about 7 inches tall, 1 1/2 inches thick, and 8 inches wide. (Crap! I just realized than in finishing the final seam on the mouth of the pouch, I made it wider than tall! I hate it when that happens!) These pouches seem much more like the size I am seeing in the Visual Dictionary. I also made the cover flap run completely up the back of the pouch (from the bottom) before becoming the cover (it looked double layered in the photo I was using. I also sewed an additional loop for the belt to go through, making sure to leave enough space for the leather pouches to sit on top of the cloth pouches if need be, since this, too, was how the photos looked.

Here is what my pouches look like. I have the helmet there so you can get a sense of their size.
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