Showoff: My Pre-pro2 helmet MSH2


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I have finally finnished my MSH2 into a pre-pro 2 helmet. All the colors were hand painted, including the kill marks (giant pain the in ass). At the time of the photos the visor wasn't installed just taped in, it has since been fuly installed. Let me know what you all think.






Yea I will have the entire Pre-pro2 suit. Gauntlets are in the works as we speak (thanks Rufkin). I have almost everything else done. I am waiting to get the jumpsuit from the SFP order that I will darken to the correct blue color.
Wow! that looks fantastic. :cheers You are going to have a top-notch suit with that helmet. I really like the pre-pro2 and can't wait to see yours.
great! I have this T-shirt with this helmet on it, could be your pic!!!where do all you guys get that MSH 2?? it looks so darn beautiful :love
Thanks guys for all the kind words. The helmet was painted using the mustard method. It has a few extra fine scratches that I made with my fingers after the paint was all dry. I got my MSH2 from FP when he first made them. I was one of the lucky few to actually be on the list.
Nice bucket...aside from the arrows on the brow what are the major differences between this helmet design and the ones seen on screen? Sorry to sound like an inexperienced Fett fan...but it's small details that need to be pointed out to me...hehe! I can't wait to see this whole suit when you are finished. BTW can anyone post some pics of the whole pre-pro2 costume...I'd love to see the whole thing in all it's glory. Keep up the good work !
That's a great job!! You really nailed those colours. I know what you mean about painting the kill marks by hand... I even painted the small triangle on the RF housing.
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