Shoulder bolts


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For lack of a better word I will call them shoulder bolts. I was just wondering what you call the four bolt things on the shoulders, and where I can get them? Also how do they attach?



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You can do 1 of two things :

1. basic computer keyboard keys ( any letter you like ) :p attached with bolt and screw method
2. "furniture buffers " rubbery type found at any home improvement center. - I used these since they have a sticky bottom, with a little dab o' super glue. the only problem with these is that if you push down on them the paint chips. I might go with the keys later on

Im not sure which are more accurate, but ive seen both methods around the board.
hope this helps



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Computer keys?? That has the be the best idea I've ever heard for shoulder/collar bolts! I never would've thought of that!

And to think, I have a spare keyboard in my home office!

I agree about the furniture buffers. They look okay painted, but they scuff too easy, revealing the clear plastic beneath. They work okay, but not as good as machined aluminum ones keys! (I have GOT to try this next time!)


Using keyboard keys is a good idea.. I never thought of that also! I am using the machined aluminum ones which I scored on eBay a while back.


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Hi guys just to let you know i will be machining some bolts soon when i get round to it just doing other projects at the mo.