shoulder armour


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Hi everyone again!

Just wondering how big the shoulder armour should be (in cm or inches).
Im not very good at estimating sizes from pictures, i just need to know how wide and how deep.
Ive only got little shoulders, but i have long arms, so i thnk even if they are large, my arms will equal out the size diff. :confused

thanks again people of the helmet!
Are you sure? Boba's shoulder armor is HUGE even on me. The shoulders do not look that big in person but there oversized in person.
ok, but what are thesizes. ive got the armour templates off someone else(sorry i cant remeber there name...)but i cant use them on my computer, so im a bit stuffed unless i have the dimensions
OH Ya the measurement at the top is 5 and a half. I know you are in the UK so you will have to convert it to metric. were still in the stone age.
Hi, just drawn out a piece, got a photo of it with a ruler beside it.


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