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Actually I made my own boots, Its kinda funny because I made them from some suade and an old tire. The tire was difficult to sew onto the boot because the steel belting inside the tire ripped the thread, But I managed to cercumvent the problem. To make my spikes I bought a very large screw with a hex head and a very long unthreaded collar. I cut the hex head of then ground the collar to a point. I then stuck it into a drill and and filed it while it was turning until it was the shape of the spike. The threaded portion I was able to just screw into the front of the boot.
Just a word of warning: I wouldn't make your spikes have a sharp point. My first pair did and I kept snagging them on carpet when I walked. I eventually had to walk around like I had swim flippers on (visualize this). Also take into consideration being at a crowded convention, wearing a helmet with limited visability, and accidently kicking someone in the shins or ankles. This could make for an ugly encounter. The spikes on my Cheng boots are just right. They look sharp, but they are shin-friendly and I can walk normally in them.
To further help this along the real spikes are cut off at the tips and ARE NOT SHARP! In fact the tips are you can fill them with deadly poison before kicking someone.. Heh heh heh...
I thought #K-1014S was hollow. I could be mistaken, you can't see it that well.
These were the boots I made, it's funny they are made out of suade, leather , and an old tire, you can see the tire tred on the bottom of the boot. I made them by first casting my foot, then building it up in clay. Then another plaster cast, then I placed scrap leather over that to get the pattern. Then I stiched it all together and finally stiched the sole on, but because of the steel belting in the tire I had to stitch one loop then tie it off, I did this all the way around the bottom then covered the stiches with black shoe goo.
the spats are seperate.
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