SHIN TOOLS Run - Sign up for New Year


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Just finished testing the molds for my shin tools, I am very pleased with the results. My masters were made with the Paterson squeege and stir stick, all the pieces are built so that the correct portion of each tool is visible from the top of the pockets.

All tools are trimmed, sanded and primed in grey.


If I can get at least 6 people interested I am willing to sell these sets for:

UK = £23 inc shipping
Europe = £25.00 inc shipping
USA = $52 inc shipping

As a bonus, when you buy a set of tools I am willing to throw in a resin MQ-1 Circuit board for your helmet vents for £3.50 ($7.00) or an MQ-1 Calulator pad for your left gauntlet for £2.50 ($5.00), no extra postage cost. These are both sanded and primed in grey. Both of these are direct high definition casts from the MQ-1 Calculator.



Leave your name here and I'll start a list and discuss payment and delivery times once the new year is here.

1. Master-Jedi-Allma (All 3 pieces)
2. maniacman7 (Tools, Chip)
3. DarthFett_79 (All 3 pieces)
4. Broke (Tools, Calc)
5. Fett2210 (All 3 pieces)

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Those look awesome, to bad I alrady got some... but I can see where im getting my next up grade. Whens the helmet going to be out for us?
The helmet is starting to take shape, as soon as it looks a little more presentable I'll post some pics. Not sure when it'll be ready to mold, maybe a couple of months.

lilburndiablo wrote:

Oh man!

Good eye for detail behind those vents.

Could that apply for Jango too?

Or is it just darkness behind the vents?

I don't know too much about the Jango vents, maybe you need to put a search in the Jango section.
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