shin pockets (Boba-ROTJ)

Here is what im using. Cant remember where I got it but I also got a jet pack harness blueprint, and one for the chest armor.

Thanks, I needed those as well, but did they have the pockets for the shin tools as well?

anyone have any idea as to the size???
I had bought a life size standup and had my mom use that as a base pattern. She used a ruler and measured it and then fudged a little to make up for the size diffrence since i am only 5'9". It turned out fine and since i already had the tools that helped agreat deal also.
I have heard that one of the patterns that is floating around is too small to accommodate the tools. I would lay out the tools on the material, then just study a pic to get it close. At least the tools will fit!
I just measured mina and it came out like this- bottom is 4 1/8" the top is 4 3/4" and the sides are 6 1/4". This does not take into account for the part that gets folded under to be sewn. As for the pocket seperation for the tools I just put them in and had her sew it so they would fit comfortably.
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