Settled on the bucket but questions on the RF units.


Well, I believe I've managed to find a decent bucket which will fit my head properly but there are two things which need to change.

1) The "green visor" needs to be changed to a darker color like car tint cause green would give me a headache after awhile and induce "Hulk Impulses".

2) I need to find an RF stalk because its not included in the package.

Anyone have any ideas on where to acquire one of these oh so necessary parts? I might as well get it all at the same time so that I can put the bucket together upon completion.

As far as visors go, you can get one from RA, you can usually find some on EBAY, or you can use the welder's facemask method.

Check out this thread (everything you wanted to know about visors).
I just bought an aluminum range finder stalk from RA. It's great! And he even included the hardware to attach it to the helmet. I got it less than a week from ordering it.

Did your helmet still come with the actual range finder (boxy thing on top)? So all you're missing is the stalk?
As far as I know I am only missing the stalk itself. I am not sure if the gear to mount it is included. Again, waiting for further details from the seller.

In regards to the welders mask method, that is probably the way I will be going. Cut it into a nice t-shape and then hot glue it into the interior of the mask.

Now, don't mean to sound like a TOTAL noob here but who is RA and where can I find him?

Go *link removed* I think the replacement visors by themselves are $25. Just email for a price list.

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EDIT: Whoops! :eek:
The visor that comes with that kit although is green you will not be seeing green through it. It will be very much dark, it is also the correct color tint as the one used in the movies. So why change something that is accurate to something that is not??

The only thing you will need is the aluminum stalk.
I've been told where I can get the aluminum stock as well as the top piece that goes with it. I'll head on over there once I finish with the final negotiations and process for my bucket.

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