Searching for the perfect scope for ROTJ rifle


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Has anyone identified the actual scope on the ROTJ rifle? Are they still made? If not, is there a modern-world equivalent?

I've been using an $8 Wal-Mart scope with my current rifle, but am ordering that sweet fiberglass version, and wanted it to be more accurate.

Are there any decent closeups of the mounting?
Alot of people use the cheap tasco ones from wal-mart but I think someone said (and you experts correct me if Im wrong) that the real scope was a ASI 4x20?

Hope that helps
The real scope is definitely a 4x20, however I am not sure that anyone has been able to find a definite brand/model.

I believe Lord Sandy from the RPF found the ASI 4x20 scope, and it's a very good match for the scope. However, I don't believe ASI is the only manufacturer of the correct scope. There maybe other manufacturers who produce a similar, if not identical scope. Unfortunatelty, I haven't been able to find either.
Yes, Lordsandy has found an ASI 4x20 scope that does look like the ROTJ scope and there is a definate possibility that it is. However, as was stated above, these scopes were made by several manufacturers throughout the years and I find it hard to say that the ASI is the only scope it could be.

Basically, the differences in the 4X20 seem to be the screw on end bell shape, placement of the adjusting knobs, knob covers, and clamps. You just have to keep your eyes open for the right type.
I found a Tasco version of the 4x20. The body looks the same, but the mounts are a little different. The Tasco is 10.5" in length.

(reversed image)

(from the MoM exhibit)

How close am I?
I had bought many cheap scopes off of e-bay for a few bucks here and there thinking I could piece one together ... but I found a similar scope that you did :D The good thing about getting all those old crappy junk scopes was I found mounts that are closer to the originals :D You could probably look for some mounts on e-bay ;)
I found a scope on ebay but unfortunatelly the seller couldn't post pictures. He did his best to describe it and it sounded about right according to the dimensions he gave.

The markings on it are:


It should be here in a day or 2. Fingers crossed its the correct one :D

Even if it isn't I'm sure its a close match and for $7 it can't be bad!
I picked up some of these on Ebay a year or so ago but don't have any left. It looks real close especially with a little modification.

It is a Russian made TS4x20WA by Zenit.

I might be able to fabricate the mounts with .040 styrene and a Dremel. As long as the base holds okay, no one would be able to tell the difference after they're painted.
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