I was just wondering if anybody uses any kind of spray sealant to cover their helmets with once the paint job is complete? If so what brands and kinds do you use? I'm anxious to just spray any kind of sealer on because I don't want to end up having a shiny finish.

I think most people are using Testors dull cote on their armor and buckets. I have not painted my helment yet, but I did use the dull cote on my armor.

Frank, as Gator said, get a can of Dull Coat. I used the Krylon version and it dulls it quite wonderfully. I have used it on my bucket as well as my ee-3.
I really don't understand what dull coat does, is it just to dull the colors down, or is it also a protective layer? Thanks for the help guys.

Well I ran out and picked up some of that Testors Dull Cote, and you guys were right as always! Worked amazing, made the helmet look even better and now it is safe from the elements! Thanks as always guys!

Is the krylon Matte Finish the same as the dull coat or is the dull coat a special type of sealant?

I ask because I got muted silvers when using the Krylon stuff and was wondering if anyone got better results with other brands.
The Testors Dullcote is lacquer based. And you can sure tell by the smell when you use it! :)
The Krylon is (I believe) an enamel base.
Here's a description of enamels and lacquers I found on another hobby board (not my words, but good info).

Enamels go through a "cure" process where the polymers in the paint set up longer chains and bond together. Enamel, once hardened, won't soften back up. So laying another coat of enamel on, you want to scuff the existing coat for good adhesion.

Lacquer dries by the evaporation of the solvent. Lacquer will soften the existing coats slightly, and you get a bond between coats that way.

As far as where to find Dullcoat, anywhere that sells Testors Model Master paints should carry it in the little spray cans.
Both serve the same purpose, to protect the surface and to keep it from being shiny.

My 2 cents: Be very VERY careful when clear coating any of your armor. Do NOT spray it on too thick. Make sure to apply several thin coats. If you spray it on too thick, and the coat begins too cure, it will contract and crack your paint. As it dries it begins to pull together causing your paint to flake. Maybe just a little at first, but by then it's too late and you will regret not taking your time with the process.
I learned this the hard way and had to repaint several pieces of my armor.
On the plus side, it is an effective way to get a "cracked" look but it is very uncontrollable.
The Testors Dullcoat is probably the way you want to go, then.
It provides a really flat finish. Just put on light coats. If you spray it on too heavy, it's possible to make your color coats run.
I generally put 2 to 3 light coats on my helmets and armor.
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