Scratch built gloves


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My first attempt at making some hand sewn gloves...$7 at walmart and a few hours sewing while watching movies a couple of nights. How do they look?

Does anyone else have scratch built gloves? Please post or link pics.

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The real ones are of a cotton type soft material I believe. I'm sure the experts could pipe in on that question :) for a definent answer. Tackle twill was used for the white parts. I used sheep skin/leather glove as the base. They were an off gray color which appealed to me and I figured they would wear much better than a soft material. I didn't want to have a glove that gets torn or snagged during an event. I found these in the gardening center of walmart for $6.99.

what material was the base glove?


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Wow, yeah those are not bad at all. Real nice actually. I have never seen gloves that look that good at Walmart:confused

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They look really good now that I know walmart is where its at I'll be sure running their right after class to get a pair so I can work on mine. Great find on the base gloves and very good sewing job though I do feel bad for you hand ouch. But hey its all about the love of Boba right lol.

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Nice work on the gloves. I remember reading somewhere that the original gloves, on the Pre-Production suit anyway, were white dress military gloves dyed brown with a 7th infantry patch on one hand and a FORSCOM patch on the other. I know the gloves are different on ESB & ROTJ, though. I scouted a pair at a local Army/Navy surplus store. They were like $4 or something. If anybody wanted to go that route, they could use them as the base glove. Problem is you have to dye them to the ESB or ROTJ color before adding the tackle twill padding on them. BTW, I picked up a used O.D. utility jumpsuit for $20 at the same surplus store. Y'all may want to check out your local military surplus stores for soft items. Just a suggestion.