Scratch built cod piece


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Here she is kiddies :D

i have only primed it at the mo, so she looks a bit odd. Once painted i will post more pics (off on hols for a week so be back around the 19th).





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cal196 said:
how did you keep the bondo from cracking up being that thick?

Its not actually Bondo. I used a two part resin filler (the brand was Universal, as used on boat hulls) with polymer fibres as the additive.


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Awesome. Great paint job, too! It never ceases to amaze me the level of quality that can come out of trashcan pieces when just a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work is applied!(y) (y) (y)


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GCNgamer128 said:
Make me one? ;)

If i didn't hold done a full time job and have a Fett costume to finish, i would gladly make you one :lol:

Seriously the amount of time i put into these things i am surprised i am still married. Still the end result justifies the sacrifice.

Man i can't wait until i can wear something that resembles a completed costume (then i suppose comes the modifications :lol: :lol: )