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Discussion in 'Clone Wars & Rebels Costumes' started by Brail khan, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Brail khan

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    My son told me that he wanted to be a stormtrooper this year for Halloween. I went to whitearmor.net and began my research. After I had completed the back, stomach, and chest armor my son then told me he really wanted to be captain rex. I am not changing the armor per se because I like the details so I know it wont be accurate. I have been working on a scaled 30% jetpack per WOF templates and I am presently modifying the armor templates to make the Rex armor.








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  2. omarq2012

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    Definitely pretty cool!!
  3. Nelson

    Nelson New Member

    Can you recommend where i can get the templates please?
  4. hvacdon

    hvacdon Member

    That's pretty cool BK !!!
  5. GeekdadX7

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    omg.... the way that cardboard tubes, plastic egg halves, plastic bottle tops, and funnels are used in that jetpack,.... that's freaking awesome/brilliant.

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