Scratch building Ralph McQuarrie concept helmet.


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How large and with what margins did you print the helmet .pdf? Assuming you used the WOF templates, of course.

I am very desperate to find out as I am trying to get all my templates printed out and finished.


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Hey Sorry for the late reaction, I haven't been on the forum a few months. I did use the WOF templates, but I imported them to Illustrator to tweak the design so it would look like the concept helmet. I also roughly scaled it so it would fit my head (first made a simple mold from cardboard strips that fitted my head so I measure height with etc) these measurements I used to scale the tweaked drawings for printing.


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Absolutely fantastic!!! I have a SGB concept that is way too small for my head.......I know, pity it's not full of brains. I was looking to make a scratch brother for my one so that I could wear it.

I love the way you've done this helmet and it really has Given me some great ideas on how to go about my build. It's so wonderful to see top quality examples of Ralph's work, especially our beloved Boba!!!


I know this has been completed a while now, but from start to finish, you did an amazing job!! Very, very nice.


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Simply amazing! How did you manage to make such perfect panel lines and detail cuts on the helmet?


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So following your build pictures it looks like this was mostly done out of plastic sheets/styrene. What was the thickness that you used? I'm contemplating a build and debating on doing it out of cardboard or plastic sheets.

Additionally did you just fiberglass the dome to provide a base for the bondo or did you glass more of the inside as well?

Awesome bucket.