Scratch Build Jetpack (upd AUG 7th, 2010)


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Hi denters,

Last week I made a pretty big decision: I'm not gonna buy the jet pack from Bobamaker. I'm making it myself. After reading Jango72s post (Jango72s scratch built jet pack progress thread ( from WoF templates )) I want to try if for myself. Not with cardboard, Forex instead (aka sintra/foamboard/foamex).

So I bought me a few sheets. 3 m2 of 3mm and 3 m2 of 5mm to be precise.
Here are the first pics of my progress report.

First I made a cardboard prototype to get a feel for the size.

Next I started drawing the rocket shapes onto the 3mm sheet.

Thank you for looking :)

[updated aug 18 '09]

Jet pack is really starting to take shape. Now I have to figure out to make the grapple mechanism :facepalm

[update may 12 '10]
Almost there :) see post below for pics

[update aug 7 '10]
100% assembly! Left to do: sanding, primer, paint!
See post below for pics

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Bobby Fett UK

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Good luck with the build buddy :cheers

I don't know if you have worked with sintra before, but I would say take your time and cut with a sharp stanley - craft knife, being careful to get a square edge - or even bevel where required.

Also, consider WOF's plans and reduce size as required, for example is he specifies 1mm compensate for this when using 3mm or you dimentions will be wrong.

PM me if you need any help bro! :cheers

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though decision man:lol: I'm really looking forward to the pictures and eventually seeing the pack in real life;)

As Bobby said, take your time.

One little question: Where did you get the sintra sheets?? I've been looking for sintra for ages, but I could never find them.
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DF, if I read right, Barry has enough for many, many packs!
Barry has a magical sense for getting stuff in Holland. He has stuff of wich I think is only available in the US or UK, like Sintra for example;)

But maybe...thats just me.
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^ ^ Personally, I like to use a scroll saw for cutting sintra. You dont get as nice an edge, but you get much better control IMHO. Because your not pushing down hard enough to poop yourself.

However it requires a few swipes across some sand paper to make it a nice edge.
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I hope tha tthe sintra works well for you. I really wish that I could've made my entire pack out of plastic, but with all of the curves on the rocket I found that cardboard was the best medium for me. Once coated and filled, it's actually water-proof and fairly strong considering the light weight.

I'll be watching your progress for sure, and if I can assist you in any way please don't hesitate to ask. ;)
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Thanks for the support guys :)

I'm sure I have enough for another pack, but I bought it in Amsterdam ( ). In dutch its called "PVC Schuimplaat" (foamboard) and the brand is FOREX.

Thanx for your support. I have a stanley, which works on the 3mm, but the 5mm I will cut with this:

If I can't make the pieces from the sintra I will prolly try to make them with cardboard. If not I'll turn to Bobby here ;) Also, thank you for your support :)

The first pieces I will try to make are hardest I guess: the cone shapes of the missile and thrusters. I will try the oven at 80c (carefully, I read some threads here about the dangers of sintra and ovens). Then I'll try the boiling water. If that fails I'll try a heat gun, which I will have to buy, obviously.

And yeah I have plenty:

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Bobby Fett UK

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Hmmmmm, the 5mm should be fine with a stanley, you just have to have three or four strokes to get through clean. That looks like 10mmtoo?, may just be the photo?

Good luck with those parts, I gave up as I could not get the shape to a standard I was happy with.

Any help bro, post up or drop me a pm, can't wait to see this take shape.....takes me back.

I lost track of the time that goes into the build, but you will be touching two full week if a full time job, around 80 to 100 hours.

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Complete noob question, but where did you get the backpack templates? B/C before I drop a couple hundred on a pack, I'd like to test my model making skills on a sintra version...I'm a little rusty, but, it's worth a shot.
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good luck with your pack barry.(y)
nice stuff the shuim pvc how they call it here in deventer (holland):lol:i bouht it for my chest armor.
its not a problem you make the parts with 1-4mm but remember what BOBBY FETT says:Also, consider WOF's plans and reduce size as required, for example is he specifies 1mm compensate for this when using 3mm or you dimentions will be wrong.
i wanted to say you the same thing you have got the inner and outer size if youre working with plate material in dutch its:de binnen en buiten maat met het buigen van hoeken.
thanks for the temlates BOBBY!
i was going to make a second pack but now i have more temlates as i got ages ago from the mandolorian armor web site.
i will make the stabiliser and beacon the thrusters from alluminium and the missle also on my turntable.
barry if you want this,my offer is still on.
anyway good luck.
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Hey framed :)

I have been aware of the thickness and I'm dealing with it pretty 'okay' if I say to myself.

Last night I created the first two parts for the Rocket. It lasted till 2am, so the last pics are a bit blurry, same as my own vision ;)

I heated the parts in the oven at 80c / 176F until it became bendy and soft. I think I reshaped the first part a dozen times each time struggling to bend the smaller top. I created molds of cardboard ..yes...corrugated :facepalm. That worked pretty well, but the stuff just cools down so fast.

I think I did pretty well. Have some bondo filling and sanding to do, but thats not gonna be a big hurdle.

Here some pica's






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Man, this is so complete, thanks a million, I am looking for ideas to make another Pack, mine is kind of big.

Great indeed. (y) :jet pack
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Hey denters :cheers

I've been dying to show you these. When I made the first parts they were not very round. But putting the glued parts into boiling water for a while allowed me to reshape them without the glued sides coming apart. I felt like shouting "It 's workiiiing, its workiiing!" like a certain young boy once did... ;)

Anyway, very happy with the results and headed right into shaping more parts for the missile part of the jet pack such as the top. The sintra didn't allow me to bend it right up to the sharp tip. Prolly have to bondo it, I guess... Have to figure out what to use for the tip. Maybe wood :confused

The brown ribbed slice, is from a lid of a peanut butter jar :love

Thank you for your support and thanks for looking





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