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I bought a helmet from SgtFang a few months ago, and I've been painting it using Rogue Studios' paint list. I didn't take pics sooner because I think Batninja covered the cleanup really well in his thread, and also I don't like being watched while I work! However, I'm already pretty happy with how it looks, so I decided to show off a little.

I started with a gray primer coat, then Rustoleum aluminum spray paint. The rest of the colors are from various versions of RS's list. Major scratches are being made using masking fluid, though it has trouble with the thicker paints like the Panzer Olive Green (I'm brush painting btw). The only major section I have yet to start is the back panel because I'm not sure what color to use for the tan scratches. I have also not yet decided how to attach the ear pieces or whether I should get a servo for my rangefinder, since the part is solid resin and won't light up anyway. The stalk is a BKBT aluminum, very nice :)

Enough text; pictures!



Nice. Looks good so far.
I recently acquired a Bobamaker helmet and will begin my looooong journey into doing Boba Fett. After doing Stormtroopers & Sandtroopers to finality for the last (almost) three years, it's time to move on to another project and I'm super excitied.
Well, since the ear pieces are resin, it shouldnt have too much interference with a servo as far as attachment. The only thing you would need to do is make the hole for the servo honr attachment to stick through. I used Goop to hold mine in place, and it works very well. Just throwing it out to ya, cause I also plan to do the servo in the future, and did all the pre-planning of it.

Back green painted and rangefinder nearly done! Since the rangefinder is solid, I improvised and made the LEDs out of beads with reflective red tape at the bottom of each "well."




Very nice work. I like seeing your progress before I start on my next helmet. I don't really know how to paint, so I just blunder around in the dark with rattle cans. Sometimes things turn out nice... :cheers

Hope my next experiment can compare to yours.. I'm definitely going to use the bead trick though..(y)
Looking great! I like the bead idea!

Thanks webchief, means a lot coming from you! Well I repainted the Boxcar red with the Floquil brand instead of the Polly Scale, and it looks much better. I got my decals from VashDstampede, and they worked out great except for the biggest black piece, which just didn't fit my earcap. So I just painted the black on and I think it looks really good (see my previous post). I've recently been working on the gray scratches. Have a look:



Time for another update. The maroon doesn't show up very well, but maybe it just needs another coat. Other than that, things are going well, just slow.




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