has anyone seen the Vader armor on the star wars shop site?

the reason why i brought this up is because,'s awesome, and second, i was wondering if anyone has done, or thought of doing a Samurai themed Mando...or incorporated any other form of "earth based" armor?


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I might be wrong but I think I have seen a photo of a Trooper in Samurai-theme.
I will have to remember which fourm gallery I saw it at.

Darth Valcar

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I found this pic of a Samurai themed Stormtrooper... looks good.

WOW :eek:

those are some amazing suits!

does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the shroud/wrap-around portion of the helmet?...i was thinking of putting one on my bucket along the bottom portion of the strip that runs around the helmet...i should draw something up, my rambling probably sounds pretty confusing :lol:

anyway, thanks for posting those pictures, that's an awesome style, and i bet it will look great as a custom mando...i'm planning on doing it, but if some go-getter beats me to posting the end result, all the power to you (y)
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Ya I was also thinking of doing a Samurai Mando but I just haven't had the time to work on it...

I do have some concept sketches some where that I ll try to get loaded up here and posted.